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ATTENTION: Classroom assignments may change between the time you register and when classes begin. Please check your class schedule for the latest classroom location information before attending class.
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 A top 
ACCTG Accounting ANAT Neurobiology and Anatomy ANTH Anthropology
ARCH Architecture ART Art ARTH Art History
ASL American Sign Language ASTR Astronomy ATHL Athletics
ATMOS Atmospheric Sciences
 B top 
BALLE Ballet BIO C Biochemistry BIOEN Bioengineering
BIOL Biology BMI Biomedical Informatics BUS Business
 C top 
CERM Ceramics CH EN Chemical Engineering CHEM Chemistry
CHIN Chinese CMP City & Metropolitan Planning COMM Communication
CS Computer Science CSD Communication Sci & Disorders CTLE Center for Teaching & Learning
CVEEN Civil and Environmental Engg
 D top 
DANC Modern Dance DES Design DRAW Drawing
 E top 
EAE Entertainment Arts & Engg ECE Electrical & Computer Engg ECON Economics
ECS Education, Culture and Society ED PS Educational Psychology EDTEC Educational Technology
EDU Education EHUM Environmental Humanities ELI English Language Institute
ELP Educational Leadership&Policy ENGIN Engineering ENGL English
ENVST Enviro & Sustainability Stds ESL English Second Language ESS Exercise and Sport Science
ESSF ESS Fitness Courses ETHNC Ethnic Studies
 F top 
FA Fine Arts FCS Family and Consumer Studies FILM Film and Media Arts
FINAN Finance FP MD Family and Preventive Medicine FRNCH French
 G top 
GEO Geology and Geophysics GEOG Geography GERON Gerontology
GNDR Gender Studies GREEK Greek
 H top 
H EDU Health Promotion & Education H GEN Human Genetics HIST History
HNKLY Hinckley Institute HONOR Honors College HSP Health, Society and Policy
 I top 
IAGE Int'l Affairs & Global Enterpr INTMD Internal Medicine IS Information Systems
 L top 
LAW Law LING Linguistics LLART Art & Photography
LLCFT Crafts LLFW Food & Wine LLHG Home & Garden
LLHL Healthy Living LLLAN Language LLMT Music & Theatre
LLPOT Potpourri LLREC Recreation LLWRC Writing/Creative
 M top 
MATH Mathematics MBA Master Business Admin MBIOL Molecular Biology
MD CH Pharmacy - Medicinal Chem MD LB Medical Laboratory Science MDCRC Clinical Research Center
ME EN Mechanical Engineering MET E Metallurgical Engineering MG EN Mining Engineering
MGT Management MHA Master Healthcare Admin MID E Middle East Studies
MKTG Marketing MST Master of Science & Technology MUSC Music
 N top 
NEUSC Neuroscience NSURG Neurosurgery NUCL Nuclear Engineering
NURS Nursing NUTR Nutrition
 O top 
OC TH Occupational Therapy OIS Operations and Information Sys ONCSC Oncological Sciences
 P top 
PADMN Public Administration PATH Pathology PCTH Pharmacotherapy
PED Pediatrics PEPEC ProEd Partner Education Cert PH MD Phys Med & Rehabilitation
PH TH Physical Therapy PH TX Pharmacology and Toxicology PHCEU Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceu Chem
PHIL Philosophy PHYS Physics PHYSL Physiology
POLS Political Science PREP Preparatory PROED Professional Education
PRT Parks, Recreation and Tourism PRTL PRT Outdoor Adventure - Land PRTW PRT Outdoor Adventure - Water
PSY Psychology PUBPL Public Policy
 R top 
RDLGY Radiology RDONC Radiation Oncology REDEV Real Estate Development
RHSCI Rehabilitation Sciences
 S top 
SBS Social and Behavioral Science SOC Sociology SP ED Special Education
SPAN Spanish STAT Statistics SW Social Work
 T top 
TESPC Tech Ed Spec Client THEA Theatre
 U top 
UGS Undergraduate Studies UUHSC Health Sciences Center
 W top 
WRTG Writing & Rhetoric Studies
 Y top 
YEACT Filmmaking & Animation YEART Creative Arts YECU Club U camps
YEEMT Careers & Hobbies YEHS High School YELAN Language
YEMUS Music YEPRS Pre-School YESCI Science & Math
YESPR Sports & Recreation YETEC Computer and Technology YEYAE Youth Academy of Excellence