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 A top 
ACCTG Accounting AEROS Aerospace Studies ANAT Neurobiology and Anatomy
ANES Anesthesiology ANTH Anthropology ARAB Arabic
ARCH Architecture ART Art ARTH Art History
ASL American Sign Language ASTP Asian Studies ASTR Astronomy
ATHL Athletics ATMOS Atmospheric Sciences
 B top 
BALLE Ballet BIO C Biochemistry BIOEN Bioengineering
BIOL Biology BLCHM Biological Chemistry BMI Biomedical Informatics
BUS Business
 C top 
CAMB Cambodian CH EN Chemical Engineering CHEM Chemistry
CHIN Chinese CL CV Classical Civilization CLCS Comp Literary & Cultural Stds
CMP City & Metropolitan Planning COMM Communication COPTC Coptic Studies
CS Computer Science CSD Communication Sci & Disorders CTLE Center for Teaching & Learning
CVEEN Civil and Environmental Engg
 D top 
DANC Modern Dance DENT Dentistry DERM Dermatology
DES Design
 E top 
EAE Entertainment Arts & Engg ECE Electrical & Computer Engg ECON Economics
ECS Education, Culture and Society ED PS Educational Psychology EDTEC Educational Technology
EDU Education ELI English Language Institute ELP Educational Leadership&Policy
ENGIN Engineering ENGL English ENVST Enviro & Sustainability Stds
ESL English Second Language ESS Exercise and Sport Science ESSF ESS Fitness Courses
ETHNC Ethnic Studies
 F top 
FA Fine Arts FCS Family and Consumer Studies FILM Film and Media Arts
FINAN Finance FP MD Family and Preventive Medicine FRNCH French
 G top 
GEO Geology and Geophysics GEOG Geography GERM German
GERON Gerontology GNDR Gender Studies GREEK Greek
 H top 
H EDU Health Promotion & Education H GEN Human Genetics HEBR Hebrew
HINDI Hindi HIST History HNKLY Hinckley Institute
HONOR Honors College HSP Health, Society and Policy HUM Humanities
 I top 
IAGE Int'l Affairs & Global Enterpr INTMD Internal Medicine IS Information Systems
ITAL Italian
 J top 
JAPAN Japanese
 K top 
KOREA Korean
 L top 
LANG Languages and Literature LAS Latin American Studies LATIN Latin
LAW Law LDRSP Leadership LEAP LEAP Program
LING Linguistics LLART Art & Photography LLBUS Business & Finance
LLCFT Crafts LLFW Food & Wine LLHG Home & Garden
LLHL Healthy Living LLLAN Language LLMT Music & Theatre
LLPOT Potpourri LLREC Recreation LLWRC Writing/Creative
 M top 
MATH Mathematics MBA Master Business Admin MBIOL Molecular Biology
MD CH Pharmacy - Medicinal Chem MD ID Medicine, Interdepartmentl MD LB Medical Laboratory Science
MDCRC Clinical Research Center ME EN Mechanical Engineering MET E Metallurgical Engineering
MG EN Mining Engineering MGT Management MHA Master Healthcare Admin
MID E Middle East Studies MIL S Military Science MKTG Marketing
MSE Materials Science and Engg MST Master of Science & Technology MUSC Music
 N top 
NAHTL Nahuatl NAVJO Navajo NEURO Neurology
NEUSC Neuroscience NSURG Neurosurgery NUCL Nuclear Engineering
NURS Nursing NUTR Nutrition NV SC Naval Science
 O top 
OBST Obstetrics OC TH Occupational Therapy OIS Operations and Information Sys
ONCSC Oncological Sciences OPHTH Ophthalmology ORTHO Orthopedics
OSHER Osher Lifelong Learning
 P top 
PADMN Public Administration PATH Pathology PCTH Pharmacotherapy
PED Pediatrics PERS Persian PH MD Phys Med & Rehabilitation
PH TH Physical Therapy PH TX Pharmacology and Toxicology PHARM Pharmacy
PHCEU Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceu Chem PHIL Philosophy PHYS Physics
PHYSL Physiology POLS Political Science PREP Preparatory
PROED Professional Education PRT Parks, Recreation and Tourism PRTL PRT Outdoor Adventure - Land
PRTS PRT Outdoor Adventure - Snow PRTW PRT Outdoor Adventure - Water PSY Psychology
PSYCT Psychiatry PTGSE Portuguese PUBPL Public Policy
 Q top 
QUECH Quechua
 R top 
RDLGY Radiology RDONC Radiation Oncology REDEV Real Estate Development
RELS RHSCI Rehabilitation Sciences RUSS Russian
 S top 
SBS Social and Behavioral Science SOC Sociology SP ED Special Education
SPAN Spanish SR EL Senior Electives STAT Statistics
SURG Surgery SW Social Work
 T top 
THEA Theatre TURK Turkish
 U top 
UC Univ College Academic Advising UGS Undergraduate Studies UUHSC Health Sciences Center
 W top 
WRTG Writing & Rhetoric Studies
 Y top 
YEART Creative Arts YECU Club U camps YEHS High School