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  campus password synchronization  

You can synchronize passwords between two of the major application service providers on campus: Administrative Computing Services (ACS) and Network and Communication Services (NetCom). This means that everyone will have fewer passwords to remember.
All students, faculty, and staff have login access to the Campus Information System delivered by ACS. This is the place where students can see their grades and register for classes, where employees involved in budgets can check their reports, and where everyone can change their personal information in the U's online directory. Those who also use NetCom services (webmail, WebCT, ANA, OSL, etc.) will have passwords that will now be synchronized between the two systems. To have your password synchronized, simply change your password through the Campus Information System (CIS), at https://gate.acs.utah.edu. This should not be a disruption for most users of these systems. To ease you through the transition, check the list of frequently asked questions at: http://www.it.utah.edu/services/connected/passwords.html.
PLEASE NOTE: If you have PeopleSoft roles your password will not be synchronized between the two systems.
If you have further questions, please call the Campus Help Desk at 801-581-4000.