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  how to sign in to the campus information system  

What is a uNID?    What is my Password?    Password Guidelines
What is a uNID? A uNID is a unique identifier that allows you to access U networks and resources. Your uNID is created by substituting a "u" for the first zero in your student ID. For more information about your uNID, please see the University IT uNID & Password page.
What is my Password? If you are new to the University, your default password is your birthdate in the format mmddyy or mmdd. If the 6 digit format does not work, try the 4 digit format. As soon as you enter your password and click the "Go" button, you should see the "Change Password" screen.

Password Guidelines:
Your password must be at least 8 characters or more. Your new password may not match the first 8 characters of your previous 6 passwords.

For security purposes, your password is required to have three of these four elements in the first 8 characters:
a number
a symbol, such as $, &, @, %, _, *
a lowercase letter
a capital letter
Your password may not contain slashes (/).

A good way to create a strong password is to think of a sentence that will be easy for YOU to remember -- but hard for others to guess. Here are some examples:
 I spent 2 weeks at Laguna Beach Is2wk@LB
 I'm 100% Californian100%Cal!
 My three brothers are Dan, Alan & Jason3Bro=DAJ
Security Guidelines:  Do NOT include these items in your password:
  • A date or combination of characters that look like a date, such as birthdays or anniversaries
  • Personal information such as name or Social Security Number
  • License plate number or a combination of characters resembling a plate number
  • Repeated patterns: ababab, 123123
  • Reversed patterns: abcccba, 987654
  • Keyboard sequences: asdfasdf, ;lk;lk
  • A function key (Sun-style fn keys)

Why So Complex?  A strong password keeps others from accessing your personal data and safeguards the information you may be entrusted to protect.