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July 2012


ORTHO Course Descriptions

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School of Medicine

Department Chair, Charles L. Saltzman, M.D.


Department Office: 590 Wakara Way, 801-587-5400


Professors. D. Brodke, R. Burks, H. Dunn, C. Peters, R.L. Randall, C. Saltzman, P. Stevens.

Clinical Professors. J. Smith. 

Associate Professors. T. Beals, D. Coleman, P. Greis, T. Higgins, D. Hutchinson,


Clinical Associate Professors. J. D’Astous, K. Carroll, D. Petron, A. Powell, S. Santora, A. Stotts, A. Wang.  

Assistant Professors. S. Aoki, K. Jones, J. Klatt, E. Kubiak, B. Lawrence, F. Nickisch, C. Pelt, R. Tashjian.

Clinical Assistant Professors. S. Homes, T. Hennessey, M. Woiczik.

Research Professor. R. Bloebaum, K. Bachus

Research Associate Professor. B. MacWilliams.  

Research Assistant Professors.  A. Anderson, H. Henniger, M. Hung, E. McEachern.  


Research Instructor. S. Jeyapalina, C. LocCarrillo, K. Sinclair, S. Sinclair.

Adjunct Professors. E.M. Goble, J. Ogilvie, K. Samuelson.

Adjunct Associate Professors. J. Crim, A Dailey, R. Kendall, R. Plaster, S. Scott, J. Skedros, J. Weiss, S. Willick.

Adjunct Assistant Professors. T. Bauman, J. Beck, E. Bisson, B. Foreman, W. Gowski, J. Hawes, P. LaStayo, J. Morgan, R. Olsen, M. Schmidt, G. Stoddard, D. VanBoerum, P. Walley, H. West.

Adjunct Instructors. E. Harold, D. Moore, R. Rushton. L Swenson, B. Widmer.

The Department of Orthopaedics has subspecialties in adult reconstruction, hand and microsurgery, pediatric orthopaedics, spinal disorders, sports medicine, foot and ankle, tumor and trauma.  There is an active orthopaedic research program at both the University Orthopaedic Center and the Veterans Administration Medical Center..  The residency program is a five-year orthopaedics program and accepts five new positions per year, with a total of 25 residency positions.  Rotations occur at Primary Children’s Medical Center, Veterans Administration Medical Center, University of Utah Orthopaedics Center, and the University Health Sciences Center.  Electives and preceptorships are available for 4th year medical students.  Contact Melinda Siguenza, 801-536-3600.  Fellowships are offered in sports medicine, sarcoma, hand and microsurgery, pediatric orthopaedics, adult reconstruction and spine.

ORTHO Course Descriptions


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