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General Catalog Fall 2012
Posted Mar 02, 2012

Disclaimer: The course information below is current as of Mar 02, 2012, is intended for informational purposes only, and does not constitute a legal contract between the University of Utah and any person or entity.

This Web document is updated twice a year, on or about the first day of registration for Fall and Spring semesters.

2225  Physics for S & E - Electricity Magnetics (2.5)

2235  Physics for S & E - Waves, Optics, Light (2.5)

3310  Introduction to Classical Physics (4) Recommended Prerequisite: PHYS 2220.
   A "bridge" course between PHYCS 2220 and PHYCS 4410. Important topics covered in PHYCS 2210 and 2220 will be reviewed and cast in a more general setting using a more powerful mathematical language. Physical examples chosen from these topics will be used to teach and illustrate the utility of mathematical concepts, such as linear algebra and eigenvectors, differential and integral vector calculus, and Fourier analysis.

5370  Semiconductor Device Physics I (3)
   See description under EL EN 5201.

5379  Semiconductor Device Physics Laboratory I (2)
   See description under EL EN 569.

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