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General Catalog Fall 2012
Posted Mar 02, 2012

Disclaimer: The course information below is current as of Mar 02, 2012, is intended for informational purposes only, and does not constitute a legal contract between the University of Utah and any person or entity.

This Web document is updated twice a year, on or about the first day of registration for Fall and Spring semesters.

5200  Research for Undergraduate Students (1 to 12)
   Guided research for undergraduate level students.

6150  Biostatistics (2)
   This course introduces ideas of statistical experimental design, graphical and quantitative data analysis, and inference focusing on problems relevant to lab biology. Topics include an introduction to statistical computing using the R language, as well as use and interpretation of common statistical methods.

6300  Concepts of Developmental Biology (2)
   Principles of and topics in developmental biology. The course is based on reading and discussion of primary literature. Registration is limited to 30 students.

6500  Clinical and Molecular Cancer Biology (1.5)
   In alternating years, this course is focused on the current understanding of the molecular and cellular biology of cancer along with how this knowledge relates to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer. The complementary sister-course is focused on clinical cancer biology. It is designed for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in basic science departments with an interest in modern principles and practice of oncology. It will cover general principles and new developments in cancer etiology, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. The course is organized around specific diseases, using advances in each area to highlight modern principles and practice of oncology.

6520  Special Topics (1 to 5)

6700  Seminars in Cell and Molecular Biology (1 to 2)
   Graduate seminars in special topics of current interest.

6720  Seminars in Cancer Biology (2 to 5)

6860  Research for Medical Students (2 to 12)
   Original laboratory research under supervision of a faculty member

6960  Graduate Research: Master's (1 to 10) Prerequisite: Must have completed required courses. Co-Requisite: Oncological sciences students only.
   Graduate research for Master's students.

6970  Thesis Research: Master's (1 to 10)
   Thesis research for Master's students.

6980  Faculty Consultation (2)
   Faculty consultation sessions.

7700  Special Topics (1)
   Various sections of this course will focus on topics such as cell biology, transcription, and cancer biology. The emphasis is on critical review and presentation of recent literature, often with an additional research-in-progress component.

7710  Graduate Seminar (1)
   Presentation of research in progress

7720  Laboratory Research Conferences (1)
   Group discussions of on-going research

7960  Graduate Research: Ph.D. (1 to 10)
   Graduate research for Ph.D. students.

7970  Thesis Research: Ph.D. (1 to 12)
   Thesis research for Ph.D. students.

7980  Faculty Consultation (1)
   Faculty consultation.

7990  Continuing Registration: Ph.D. (0)
   Continuing registration.

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