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General Catalog Fall 2009
Posted Mar 02, 2009

Disclaimer: The course information below is current as of Mar 02, 2009, is intended for informational purposes only, and does not constitute a legal contract between the University of Utah and any person or entity.

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1228  Natural Resources Learning, Snow-Based: Yurt Camping Uinta Mountains (2)
   Resource management issues, skills, safety, natural history, and environmental ethics associated with yurt-based camping and the Norwegian outdoor education philosophy on US Forest Service-managed lands. Overnight camping.

1411  Natural Resources Learning, Snow-Based: Beginning Snowshoeing (2)
   The basics of snowshoeing, winter safety, environmental ethics, and recreation-management challenges associated with snowshoeing. Overnight camping.

1412  Natural Resources Learning, Snow-Based: Snowshoe/Ski/Backpack (2)
   Snowshoeing techniques in the Utah's Uinta mountains, including winter safety and backcountry travel techniques. Also includes study of recreation management implications associated with snowshoeing in the Uinta mountains. Overnight camping.

1413  Natural Resources Learning, Snow-Based: Winter Backpacking (2)
   Basics of winter backpacking and camping, Leave No Trace, cooking, and consumerism, along with recreation-management challenges associated with that activity. Designed for both the novice and experienced winter backpacker. Overnight camping.

1414  Natural Resources Learning, Snow-Based: Beginning Ice Climbing (2)
   Fundamentals of ice climbing including hazard management, technique, equipment, conditioning, and other aspects. Includes resource management issues and wilderness ethics. Overnight stay on field trip.

1415  Natural Resources Learning, Snow-Based: Ski Mountaineering (2)
   Fundamentals of ski mountaineering such as route finding, rope management, ridge climbing, and advanced ski travel skills. Requires adequate winter camping and backpacking skiing skills. Instruction will include land-management and wilderness ethics. Overnight camping.

1420  Natural Resources Learning, Snow-Based: Alpine Skiing (2)
   Designed for beginning through intermediate skiers, this course provides practical skills and information on resource and facility management, ski history, and techniques.

1421  Natural Resources Learning, Snow-Based: Advanced Skiing (1.5)
   Designed for advanced skiers, this course provides practical skills, and information on resource and facility management, ski history, and techniques.

1430  Natural Resources Learning, Snow-Based: Cross-Country Skiing (1.5)
   Covers basic to intermediate cross-country touring and track techniques as well as recreation-management issues associated with this activity. Development of safe and versatile skills is emphasized.

1431  Natural Resources Learning, Snow-Based: Telemark Skiing (2)
   Intermediate to advanced techniques for skiing telemark on metal-edged, free-heel skis in varying snow conditions. Includes examination of recreation management issues associated with telemark skiing.

1435  Natural Resources Learning, Snow-Based: Snowboard I (2)
   For novice students who have never ridden a snowboard and want to learn. This course takes the novice through the skill of snowboarding in a variety of snow conditions. Students will learn safety, rider awareness, and slope selection. Includes study of recreation-management issues associated with snow boarding, consumerism, and safety.

1436  Natural Resources Learning, Snow-Based: Snowboard II (2)
   Divides the experienced snowboarders into groups whose skills are similar in order to learn more advanced techniques of snowboarding. Includes study of recreation-management issues associated with snow boarding, consumerism, and safety.

1450  Natural Resources Learning, Snow-Based: Ski Teaching, Beginning (3)
   Classroom and on-hill clinics for prospective ski instructors. Learn skills and knowledge necessary to teach downhill skiing. Includes study of recreation management issues associated with skiing, and practical teaching experience.

1455  Natural Resources Learning, Snow-Based: Ski Teaching, Advanced (2)
   This course fine-tunes the teaching skills of the instructors who taught during the prior ski session. Instruction is at an advanced level, enabling students to improve their skills and become ready for employment. Includes study of recreation-management issues associated with skiing.

1456  Natural Resources Learning, Snow-Based: Snowboard Teaching (3)
   Learn how to teach snowboarding. Class provides the basic techniques used in the American Association of Snowboard Instructors certification program. Includes study of recreation management issues associated with snow boarding, and practical teaching experience.

1457  Natural Resources Learning, State Lands: Backcountry Ski Guiding (2)
   Through class and field sessions, students examine resource management issues, and learn specific skills related to commercial guiding of backcountry skiers. Includes safety, consumerism, and Leave-No-Trace skills.

1458  Natural Resources Learning, State Lands: Backcountry Ski Guiding (2)

2007  Natural Resources Learning, Snow-Based: Backcountry Avalanche (2)
   Through instructor lectures, slides, videos, critiques of past avalanche accidents, and in snow field experiences, backcountry travelers learn of avalanche weather, snow structure and metamorphism, safe group travel techniques, safe route selection, avalanche rescue techniques, and to assess factors leading to snowpack instabilities.

2008  Natural Resources Learning, Snow-Based: Avalanche Awareness (1.5)
   Practical field experience, lectures, slides, and films acquaint Wasatch skiers and snowboarders with problems encountered in back-country travel. Course provides a basic working knowledge of group safety, route-finding, and minimizing winter hazards in the backcountry of Utah mountains.

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