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General Catalog Fall 2009
Posted Mar 02, 2009

Disclaimer: The course information below is current as of Mar 02, 2009, is intended for informational purposes only, and does not constitute a legal contract between the University of Utah and any person or entity.

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1010  Beginning American Sign Language I (4)
   Covers the principles, methods, and techniques of manual communication with deaf individuals. Development of mime activities and expressive and receptive skills in the understanding of basic grammatical structure is also included.

1020  Beginning American Sign Language II (4) Prerequisite: ASL 1010 or equivalent.
   Continue to study the development of basic conversational skills with emphasis on expressive and receptive skills. The focus will be on development of language concepts through activities related to people and things within the immediate environment.

2010  Intermediate American Sign Language I (4) Prerequisite: ASL 1020 or equivalent.
   Grammar and functions of ASL. Culture of the deaf community. Application of basic ASL skills in actual situations. Continue learning form, structure, and lexicon.

2020  Intermediate American Sign Language II (4) Prerequisite: ASL 2010
   A practicum. Idiomatic expressions as used by deaf adults. Deaf guest lecturers, community visits, artistic expressions, songs, poetry, and colloquial conversation.

7300  Graduate Language Study (1 to 4) Prerequisite: Graduate standing required.
   Course for graduate students wishing to fulfill the MA language requirement.

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